Manbej residents renew confidence in their military council and SDF through a mass demonstration

The Council of Families of Martyrs organized under the slogan “Manbej city people renew their confidence in Manbej Military Council and Syrian Democratic Forces to defeat the Turkish aggression”.
Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the roundabout of the ship and the demonstration started from there amid chanting slogans condemning the Turkish invasion of northern Syrian areas, and culminated towards the roundabout cleaners workers, with the participation of the Military Council of Manbij and the Council of the Families of Martyrs and Adra democratic city and its institutions and committees.
Upon the arrival of the demonstrators at the roundabout of the cleaners workers, they stopped for a minute of silence in honor of the lives of the martyrs. There, several speeches were delivered, including the speech of the Manbej Military Council spokesman Shirvan Darwish. Your steadfastness and standing by your troops who are your children. “