To public opinion

To public opinio

Despite our commitment to the ceasefire decision and the withdrawal of our forces from the entire ceasefire zone, the Turkish state and its terrorist factions continue to violate the ceasefire process and continue the war of extermination against our people and our villages.

Since this morning, the terrorist factions, with the support and support of the Turkish invasion army, have launched a large-scale ground assault on the villages of Al-Managir, Al-Asadiyeh and Musharrafa outside the ceasefire zone. Our forces remain engaged at the time of writing
The SDF, while affirming its commitment to the cease-fire resolution and its legitimate right to self-defense, holds the Turkish side responsible for the deterioration of the cease-fire process and calls on the American guarantor to intervene immediately to stop this aggression against our people.

Keno Gabriel
Official spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Forces
October 24, 2019