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The Syrian Ministry of Defense issued a statement today calling on the Syrian Democratic Forces to join the Syrian army to defend the country against the Turkish greed.

We, in the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces, as we appreciate everything that will unify efforts to defend Syria and repel the Turkish aggression against our country and our people very, our position was clear from the beginning, as the unity of ranks must start from a political settlement that recognizes and preserves the privacy and structure of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and find a good mechanism for the restructuring of the Syrian military institution which would be a framework for unifying efforts.

The Syrian Democratic Forces with all its components and members, and in front of the world, have been the best Syrian fighters for years who have fought ISIS and destroyed its so-called caliphate defending Syria and the world. Therefore, they are heroes who deserve praise and honor and not settle the status and do not need pardons or forgiveness like those issued against criminals and terrorists. We also stress that the Syrian Democratic Forces members are disciplined fighters and a systematic military organizations with an institutional body. We absolutely reject this language of speech directed to our members. While it was better for the Syrian Ministry of Defense to address its speech to the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces in order to open the door of a dialogue expressing a sincere desire to unify efforts and not circumvent the reality and disclaim its responsibilities.

General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces

October 30, 2019

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