The Outcome Of Combat Operations Within 24 Hours

Abu Racine and Tal Tamr
The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions in order to seize new areas and expand the area of occupation, are still continuing their attacks with the support of warplanes and armored vehicles, where they attacked the villages of Onq al Hawa, Tal al-Ward, Khirbet Debs, Bab Farsh, Tal Mohammed and Um Ashba.
Our forces and within the legitimate right of defense responded to the attack and fierce clashes erupted, killing more than 15 mercenaries and destroying two military vehicles.

Ain Issa and Kobani
In order to conquer new areas and take control of the M4 highway, terrorist factions loyal to the Turkish invasion army attacked the villages of Khirbet Fars, Paguz Seker, Shirkurd and Masaodya.
Our forces, within the legitimate right of defense, responded to all attacks and killed a number of mercenaries of the invasion army and wounded many, we could not know the number.
As a result of battles and clashes during the 24 hours, our forces were able to kill more than 15 mercenaries and destroy two military vehicles and another vehicle
In this heroic resistance, eight of our fighters were wounded.

SDF .Media Center
November 3, 2019

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