Manbej residents protest against Turkish aggression and international complicity

Hundreds of people from the city of Manbij and its countryside, with the participation of the Manbij Military Council and the civil administration institutions, today held a mass demonstration to denounce the international conspiracies being waged around northern and eastern Syria.
The demonstration, which was held under the slogan “No agreements and deals that traded the blood of our children,” started from Al-Mezan roundabout towards the downstream roundabout on Al-Rabta Street, chanting slogans condemning the Turkish aggression on northern and eastern Syria. , Followed by several speeches condemning the Turkish aggression and international conspiracy with it to kill and displace the Syrian people.
Among them was a speech on behalf of the Civil Administration in Manbij delivered by Juma Haidar, who said: “We stand today in this place to express our categorical rejection of all kinds of occupation, destruction and killing on our lands. We hereby appeal to all world powers, especially the United States, Russia and others, to stop conspiracies against our people and stop what our people in northern and eastern Syria are subjected to massacres, extermination and displacement. ”
A speech was also made by a member of the Manbej Women Council in Naqshiyya Khalil, who said: “We condemn, denounce and reject conspiracies and agreements that target our people, and do not accept from any party to determine the future of our country instead of us. “.
“As Manbej women, we reject every agreement and conspiracy affecting our existence and our future, and we will be hand in hand with all Syrian women as a rock of steadfastness on which all conspiracies and agreements are shattered.”
At the end of the demonstration, participants chanted slogans condemning international collusion with Turkey by exterminating the people in northern and eastern Syria.
Manbij Military Council Media Center

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