By the solemn funeral ceremony of Manbij farewell martyrs Khaled and Uday

By the solemn funeral ceremony of Manbij farewell martyrs Khaled and Uday
Manbij – In a solemn funeral ceremony, the people of Manbij, with the participation of all military and civilian institutions, bid farewell to the bodies of the two martyrs, Uday Ibrahim al-Hatraf, and the martyr Khaled Hazawneh.
The mourners gathered in front of the Euphrates Hospital to receive the bodies of martyrs, and set off from there with a solemn funeral procession towards the shrine of martyrs chanting slogans commemorating the martyrs.
At the shrine, the funeral ceremony began with a minute of silence in honor of the lives of the martyrs, accompanied by a military parade by fighters of the Manbej Military Council.
Several speeches were delivered, including the speech of the leader of the Manbej Military Council, Shirvan Darwish, who offered condolences to the families of the martyrs and their comrades in arms. In the face of the occupation, which aims to divide and fragment the homeland and the people, it is these martyrs who said that we will not allow the occupation to desecrate the land of this homeland, which was liberated with the blood of the pure martyrs. ”
Darwish added: “We at the Manbij Military Council command and fighters bow to their memory and accept the hands of the parents of the martyrs and tell them that we comrades of the martyrs derive our will from them will not give up this road and will protect the gains made by those sacrifices, some of them always learned and never that the homeland is protected by the blood of martyrs.” .
Then read the records of the martyrs by the Council of the families of martyrs and handed over to their families, and then buried the bodies of the two martyrs in their final resting place in the shrine of the martyrs of Manbij amid chanting slogans that commemorate the martyrs.
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