Al-Bab military council condemns Al-Bab bombings and holds Turkey responsible

Renewed bombings and terrorist acts targeting our people in several areas of Syria occupied by Turkey, which is experiencing a general state of chaos and security chaos, and the absence of stability.
We in the military council in the city of Al-Bab and its countryside condemn such acts that target civilians, and the victims go from our people who suffer from chaos and security chaos and corruption.
The targeted city of Al-Bab may be targeted by those who want to take revenge on its inhabitants, especially since the city was the first to reject the occupation and the guardianship practiced by the Turks and associated Awaini, and dozens of former ISIS members who were integrated into the Euphrates Shield militias, among dozens Militias that refuse to leave the city and establish their bases and headquarters in residential neighborhoods, and fight among themselves within various types of weapons, including heavy and also target the families of the city’s long-standing with the aim of displacement or retaliation in response to their national positions.
The ancient city of al-Bab with its inhabitants, inhabitants, authentic clans, and various components struggled against ISIS for two years of its rule. They also protested the Turkish occupation of their land and turned it into a military base in Sheikh Aqeel where Turkish soldiers destroyed their homes and uprooted their trees.
There is no doubt that the repeated clashes in the city aimed at the security of its inhabitants linked to retaliatory agendas of families and parties that have assumed the responsibility of rejecting corruption and rejection of the military rule and factions, and called for the departure of the militants from the city and the city managed by its people, and to hand over its local councils and security institutions to personalities Rather than being handed over by orders and supervision from the Turkish intelligence to corrupt, criminal and suspicious figures, Naziha is the one who is also behind the bombings through the information we have been able to obtain.
Perhaps the city and its people pay the price of their rejection of the occupation and corruption, and the rejection of factions and their demand for freedom and honest local governance, and those behind the bombings and assassinations are the same factions and personalities who fabricate incidents of clashes within the streets of the city in order to intimidate and intimidate people and to silence and accept the status quo.
We once again condemn such terrorist attacks, as well as the various abuses by the Turkish state and the Euphrates Shield militia against the population.
We reiterate our condemnation of such terrorist operations, as well as the various violations perpetrated by the Turkish State and the Euphrates Shield militias against the inhabitants, and our condolences to all our people and people in the occupied city of Al-Bab, mercy and peace to their innocent lives and patience to their families, and we pledge to free them from injustice and terrorism.
The military council of Al-Bab city and its countryside