SDF: Turkish occupation, its gangs escalated its attacks on region

On Wednesday, the Media Center of SDF issued a statement on the outcome of military operations for the 42nd day of Resistance of Dignity.

The text read:

The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions, drones and heavy weapons continue its invasive attacks on the front line.

Abo Surra

The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions, supported by drones, attempted to attack the village of Tal al-Ward, and the mercenaries increased their movements in the village of Um Khashaba.

Ain Issa

The Turkish invasion army attacked with heavy weapons the residential areas of Abu Surra village and bombarded it with artillery and tanks. The terrorist factions tried to expand their occupation in the villages of Jern and Khirbet Fars.

Due to this attack of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries with drones and tanks, two of our fighters rose to the rank of martyrdom. “