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In conjunction with the Turkish occupation attack on the territory of northern Syria, with the participation of his mercenaries from the mercenaries of the so-called “Euphrates Shield”, the SDF took the initiative to address these aggressive attacks targeting the people of the people in the north of Syria, with great heroism until the resistance became the title of this stage we are passing through Heroic operations. As such, the forces of the Military Council of al-Bab joined under the banner of the Syrian Democratic Forces to defend the people and confront those attacks that affected their moral and material values. During the heroic operations, one of the Bab al-Bab fighters rose to martyrdom, while confronting the brutal attacks by the Turkish occupation on the outskirts of the town of Ein Asa. He is the hero fighter “Hassan Daas” the code name “Hassan Aleppo”
The son of the city of Aleppo, he joined the ranks of the revolution with great violence and is still in the prime of his youth, where he was known among his comrades with high morals, and his love for help, cooperation and altruism, of a quiet nature and despite his recent accession, he proved his presence Among his comrades in a short while.
We extend our deepest condolences to the family of the heroic martyr and his relatives, and condolences to ourselves and to all the families of the martyrs and the people of our people.

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