SDF: Turkish occupation is preparing to launch new attacks

SDF: Turkish occupation is preparing to launch new


The SDF media center revealed the outcome of the combat operations for the 62nd day of Dignity Resistance.

The text of the statement came:

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue for the 62nd day the attacks and invasive moves in the whole of northeastern Syria and drones continue to bomb residential areas.

Tell Tamr

The Turkish occupation army over the past two days has brought hundreds of its mercenaries to the region and has begun preparing for new attacks. The invasion army bombarded the village of Umm al-Keif and caused material damage to the property of civilians. Besides, drones and heavy weapons shelled the villages of Tal Al-Ward.

Ein Issa

The Turkish occupation army attacked with heavy weapons the residential areas of the villages of Kandali and Jalabah, located in the region of Qazali.

Likewise, the Turkish occupation army targeted civilian homes in the villages of Areeeda and Khirbet Fars.

In this occupation’s drones attack, a fighter has risen to the rank of martyrdom.



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