​​​​​​​Mazloum Abdi: SDF implemented its obligations, our position is clear on negotiating with Syrian

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper had a meeting with the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, during which he talked about the latest developments in the regions of NE, Syria.

Mazloum Abdi revealed during his speech that the American forces deployed to new areas in north and east Syria, according to President Donald Trump’s decision to “fight ISIS” and protect oil wealth.

‘American forces are present in northeastern Syria’

He explained, “The American withdrawal took place from west, currently northeastern Syria, the Americans are existed in northeastern Syria, that is, in the provinces of Deir-ez-Zor and al-Hasakah in Al-Jazeera region. There is a military framework for their presence, and there are rules that define the movement of American forces in the region, they have specific military bases from the Euphrates in south to the Turkish border and the oil areas in Derik in the north, where they have a new presence in this region and in Qamishlo region.

He added, “They have mobile forces and are present from the Turkish borders in the eastern region to the Euphrates River. I can say that the American military bases in terms of numbers have remained as they were before.”

“The goals of our understanding with the American forces are clear.”

On the Memorandum of Understanding between the American forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces, Abdi said, “The same goals are still in effect, that is, fighting ISIS, and there is a new goal that is to protect oil wealth.”

“We have implemented the terms of the agreement, but Turkey is circumventing”

Regarding the understandings signed between the Syrian Democratic Forces, Russia and America during the recent Turkish attacks, Abdi pointed out, “We have agreed on the provisions related to the cease-fire and the withdrawal of forces from certain regions, and these provisions have been fully implemented by us, but we do not accept the Turkish presence and the legitimization of the Turkish occupation, Therefore, we did not agree with all the provisions and our opinion was not taken. “

He added, “The Turkish side violated these agreements. On October 17th, the agreement was concluded (between America and Turkey), and we have implemented everything related to us completely. Turkey is the one that dodged about a month and continued to advance and occupy areas outside the agreement area, for our part, we have fulfilled all items militarily.

“There are no points of contact between us and the Turkish army.”

Regarding the agreement with the Syrian regime, the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces said, “This agreement has nothing to do with the Turkish invasion, we have repeatedly asked the Syrian government to deploy its forces on the border to refute the Turkish arguments for the invasion of the Syrian territories. Previously, the Syrian government did not respond. But after the invasion of Turkey responded (in Damascus) to that, and we agreed to deploy government forces on all points of contact between our forces and those of Turkey. Currently, there are no points of contact between us and the Turkish army.”

In response to the political agreement with the regime, “There was an urgent and exceptional situation, there was a Turkish invasion that required us to stand together to stop the invasion, and there was an understanding with the Syrian government, with regard to political agreements, I think it requires more time and longer dialogue, the delegations must meet longer to reach political understandings. “

“We want to be part of the Syrian defense system in a future Syria”

He added, “Our position is very clear, that the” Syrian Democratic Forces “are Syrian national forces and are part of the Syrian defense system, and we want to be part of the Syrian defense system in the Syria’s future, and to have a constitutional dimension as well.”

On oil wealth, Abdi said: “We fulfilled our patriotic duty to preserve this national wealth in the midst of this great war. We did not make it fall into the hands of the terrorists or used against the Syrian state. We were able to preserve it. We can also say that until now we share these fortunes; whether electricity or Dams and oil wealth with all the Syrian people. “

On Turkish ambitions and practices, Abdi stressed, “Now, there is a process of demographic change in the occupied areas, whether in Afrin or other new areas, this is a very dangerous matter that does not target the Kurdish presence only, but rather the Syrian people in general.

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