Regular meeting of the Manbij Military Council

The Military Council of the city of Manbij and its countryside holds its monthly periodic meeting
In the presence of all military leaders, the Manbij Military Council held its monthly periodic meeting to assess its work and draw up future work plans.
The meeting started with a minute of silence in respect of the souls of the martyrs, followed by the appointment of the members of the Diwan to manage the meeting, then read the reports of all military institutions of the Manbij Military Council, during which all the activities, tasks and activities that were accomplished during the current month were presented.
Then, the political and field situation in the regions of northern and eastern Syria in general and the developments taking place after the Turkish occupation of the cities and regions of the north of Syria were evaluated and their threats to all of the region continued, stressing the necessity of the military councils playing at this stage its pioneering role in defending the region in general and Manbej in particular in the face of all threats.
The Council also, as one of the main items of the meeting, evaluated the organizational mechanism in the structure of the Military Council, including brigades, brigades, and regiments, in addition to the institutional work of the offices. The discussions included how to overcome the deficiencies and obstacles that appeared during this month, with some changes in the cohorts and brigades system, in line with the current situation and assisted in improving performance.
The meeting also discussed how to take advantage of the current situation to reach an organizational and defense mechanism in accordance with the requirements of the stage, and to strengthen the defensive front lines against any external attacks. In addition to increasing the opening of training courses for fighters and leaders to increase their level of performance at all levels.
At the end of the meeting, the action plan for the next stage was developed and a number of decisions were taken regarding the work and organization of military institutions.
Media center of Manbij Military Council

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