Consolation and condolence

Manbij_ People of the city of Manbij and the Manbij Military Council today, with the participation of representatives from all the Manbij civil and military institutions, offer condolences to the families of the martyr Ahmed Muhammad Musa, who was martyred in Manbij while performing the homeland duty and defending his land and people in the face of brutal aggression,
The delegation of mourners gathered in front of the Council of Families of the Martyrs in the city of Manbij and went to the funeral tent, where the families of the martyr received a delegation of mourners with the chants that immortalize the martyrs, in the midst of mumbling.
Under the tent, the decrees began to stand for a minute of silence in honor and honor of the souls of the martyrs, then several words were made, including a speech in the name of the military council of the city of Manbej delivered by Mahmoud Al-Ali, first we comfort ourselves first and we offer condolences to the family of the martyr’s family, and do not count those who were killed for the sake of God dead in life by their Lord,
Whoever is the safest from your heart, O martyr, you have made your soul sacrificed for this country and the nation. We are in this sensitive phase that the nations multiply on us and that the Third World War is taking place above us, but we are steadfast and derive our strength from our people and derive our resolve from our martyrs
Our martyrs are the most noble in the world. We will continue to fight and fight. We promised our people before and saved them from the terrorist organization ISIS. After we finished the criminal organization that was threatening the entire world from the West and the East thanks to our martyrs. After the completion of the organization, you saw and the world sees those who lie in wait for us are our enemies, grandparents, and nothing new for them They are the Ottomans, who will settle us for more than 400 years. Our people, with the last victory of the resistance, would have resisted victory, and we remain the resistance and our only way is resistance to defend our people and our people and our land. We will defend our lives until the last child we have. This is our pledge to our people. We will not surrender.
Other times, in my name and the name of my comrades in the Military Council, we comfort ourselves first and we offer condolences to our families of the martyr, and we say patience and solace to them.
Mercy is all the mercy of martyrs, the speedy recovery of the wounded and the assured victory of our revolution.

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