The Turkish occupation is targeting the villages of Manbij

The Turkish occupation is targeting the villages of Manbi
The Turkish occupation army, at 3:30 minutes, targeted the villages of Dandaniyah, Umm lens, Sayadah, Jableh al-Sayyadah, Bey Wiran and Asaliyeh, located northwest of the city of Manbij, with heavy and medium weapons, from the village of Yashli and Sheikh Nasser, which are located Under the control of the Turkish occupation army. Moreover, the forces of Manbij Military Council, and as a result of the continuous beating that hit their concentration points, responded to the source of the fire, such as the right to respond in self-defense. And coincided with the indiscriminate shelling for 60 minutes, and the number of strikes exceeded 25 shells, during which the populated villages affected, pushing civilians to leave their villages and take refuge far from the shelling. The shelling also resulted from material damage, and a member of the Syrian Army was seriously wounded.
It is worth noting that the Turkish occupation army did not hesitate to bombard and cause civilian lives during the indiscriminate shelling during the whole week.

Media center of Manbij Military Council

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