Celebration of Women’s Day in Manbej

Celebration of Women’s Day in Manbej
With a solemn ceremony, the Military Women’s Council of the Euphrates region organized a big celebration, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8. And with the participation of all fighters and military council leaders of the Euphrates.
Before the commencement of the ceremony, the attendees observed a minute of silence in remembrance of the souls of the martyrs, then the leadership, “Laila Washukani” made a speech in which I congratulated all the freedom and struggling martyrs in order to end the injustice and slavery on women and society, and renewed the covenant to follow the path of women fighters and achieve the goals that they sacrificed their lives for. .
The leadership, Laila Wachukani, also blessed the efforts and struggle of the fighting women in all components in liberating the region from the darkness of mercenaries and liberating women from the male and authoritarian mentality imposed by authoritarian regimes and mercenary groups on the women of the region.
Then the Euphrates Military Women’s Council distributed flowers to all fighters, families of martyrs and attendees.
Then the activities of the ceremony started with reading the congratulatory telegrams sent from women’s institutions and councils to the Military Women’s Council on the occasion of March 8, after which several art and theatrical groups performed lyric and theatrical performances, and the celebration ended with the attendance of the Dabkeh episodes on the impact of popular songs.
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