Commemoration of the March 12 uprising in Manbej

In the presence of representatives of the military institutions in the Manbij Military Council and the Military Women’s Council, a ceremony was organized to remember the March 12, 2004 uprising that sparked from the city of Qamishli Stadium and killed dozens of Kurdish civilians at the hands of the regime’s Baathist forces and chauvinism.
At the beginning of the ceremony held at the Academy of the Martyr Faisal Abu Laila, the attendees observed a minute of silence in honor and honor of the souls of the martyrs.
Then, the official spokesperson for the Manbij Military Council, Shirvan Darwish, gave a speech in which he recalled the martyrs of the uprising and offered condolences to their families. And controlling the fate of peoples after years of injustice and persecution against the people of Syria has reached a stage that this regime wanted to hit the components of Syria with each other and take advantage of the conditions to cause a rift between the people of this country, and the conspiracy of the events of Al Qamishli Stadium was from this standpoint, but our Syrian people with all its components were It wa dare from being dragged behind these ploys, and foiled that plot their unity. ”
The ceremony concluded with chanting the slogans that commemorate the martyrs and remember the martyrs of the intifada.
Media center of Manbij Military Council

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