Mahmoud Rasho

Mahmoud Rasho …

Mahmoud Rasho joined the revolution in north and east Syria since its inception in 2012, and participated in all battles of the defeat of ISIS from Kobani to al-Baghuz, and he is still fighting until now.

Mahmoud Rasho was born in the village of “Be Aftan 1983” of the city of Kobani. After mercenary groups launched attacks on northern and eastern Syria, Mahmoud Rasho took the initiative to join the popular resistance in 2012 with the aim of liberating the land and people from terrorist groups. When ISIS launched the attack on Kobani, he moved to Kobani participated in the resistance struggle with the people’s protection units and women against ISIS attacks, and participated in the battles of the liberation of Sarrin and the Tishreen Dam from the ISIS terrorist organization.

He participated in the battles of liberating Manbij and its countryside from ISIS, and played an important role in liberating Manbij alongside fighters of the Military Council.

After that, Mahmoud and the rest of his fighting comrades participated with the forces of Manbij Military Council in the battles to liberate Raqqa and Tabqa, including towards Deir Al-Zour, ending the town of Al-Baghouz, the last ISIS stronghold, and played a prominent role in the liberation campaigns and eliminating ISIS militarily.