Aid for families of fighters

In order to provide material and moral support to the families of fighters and combatants in light of the curfew in the region, the Military Women’s Council and the Combat Families ’Families Bureau have distributed aid and aid to families of fighters and fighters in the Manbij Military Council.

With the decision to impose curfews in northern and eastern Syria, announced by the Civil and Civil Administration as a precautionary measure to confront the Kurna virus and protect the people of the region from its danger, initiated the Military Women’s Council to distribute aid to the families of fighters and fighters of the Manbij Military Council, where distribution began today to families living in The northern countryside of Manbij, and they will continue distribution to all families in all of Manbij and its countryside.

During the distribution, the families of fighters and fighters expressed their thanks and gratitude for this initiative and the moral and material support that is provided to them in these circumstances in the region.