On the night of Eid, the candles of the memorial illuminate the tombs of the martyrs of Manbij

On the night of Eid, the candles of the memorial illuminate the tombs of the martyrs of Manbij
Today, the people of Manbij and its civilian and military institutions remembered their martyrs for the Eid Al-Fitr stand, by visiting the shrine of the martyrs and setting candles on their shrines.
By Happy Eid Al-Fitr, this evening, the people of Manbij, with the participation of the Manbij Military Council, the Internal Security Forces, the councils and the civil administration committees in Manbij and its countryside, headed towards the shrine of Manbij martyrs, to remember all the martyrs thanks to whom the region was liberated and its people celebrated the holidays.
The memorial ceremony started with a minute of silence in honor and honor of the martyrs ’souls, then a speech was delivered in the name of Manbij Military Council delivered by the leader Mahmoud … Every year and Syria with a thousand good, every year and the families of our martyrs with a thousand good, you are our family and we are your children today we pledge to you today from this holy place, in the shrine of the heroes and the great ones who defeated the largest terrorist organization known in history, that we continue to follow the path of our martyrs and preserve the gains they have achieved and defend the land That were freed with their blood. ”
Mahmoud added: “The terrorists and their supporters have tried to kill our Syrian people and differentiate between all the components, but thanks to the blood of our martyrs we united, and we failed their plans, and we became like a compact structure seeking each other, so the terrorists carried hatred even towards those under the soil, and we have seen how the occupiers and their mercenaries In front of the sight of the whole world, they attacked and destroyed the shrines of the martyrs in the green Afrin and the rest of the occupied areas, and today we renew the covenant for our righteous martyrs to follow their path and complete their path and take revenge for them from the aggressors, mercy for their pure souls, the speedy recovery of the wounded, and the confirmed victory of our revolution. ”
At the end of the ceremony, the attendees kindled the candles of remembrance of all the tombs of the martyrs.
Media center of Manbij Military Council

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