Families of martyrs and civil and military councils congratulate Eid Al-Fitr

In order to congratulate Eid Al-Fitr, and provide them with moral support and reassurance of their conditions, delegations of civil and military councils members in Manbij and its countryside, in addition to the Martyrs Families Council, visited all the families of martyrs in Manbij and its countryside.
Delegations gathered first in front of the Executive Council building in Manbej city, and there they divided themselves into several groups, where each group includes members from all councils, and they were distributed to the city and its countryside, meaning all the families of the martyrs.
During the visits, the delegations blessed the holiday for the families they visited, and expressed thanks and gratitude to them, because they made the greatest sacrifices for the liberation of the region and the freedom and dignity of its people. The delegations also explored the conditions of all families and discussed with them about their conditions and needs.
For its part, the families of the martyrs welcomed the visiting delegations with a warm welcome, offering them the hospitality of the feast, and thanks for these visits, stressing that they, like the families of the martyrs, are the most important thing they need from the morale they derive from their civilian and military councils, renewing at the same time the covenant they made to themselves and their children the martyrs to continue their approach and preserve On all the gains made with the blood of their sons and daughters.
Media center of Manbij Military Council

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