Pro-Turkish gunmen attack civilians in the village of Toukhar Al-Kabeer, northeast of Manbej city, and civilian casualties

Mercenaries loyal to Turkey this afternoon violated their usual attacks on the village of Toukhar Al-Kabir on the Sagur Line, northeast of the city of Manbij, by beating a woman from the villagers, which led to great resentment by the people and led them to protest and attack a point belonging to them in the village, Whereas, the village of al-Tawkhar al-Kabir was under their control, and they burned it. As a result, the Euphrates Shield mercenaries closed all roads leading to the village and prevented the residents from leaving or moving, as there were strong clashes between the families and the mercenaries during the injury of a woman and a child. The mercenaries also opened fire towards the villages on the front line, which are under the protection of the forces of Manbij Military Council, which resulted in the injury of a child and the outbreak of fires in agricultural crops. As the situation is still very tense after the number of civilian casualties rose to five and the people of the village still controlled the mercenary point, and the campaign of arrests against the people began

And not only that, but mercenaries are directed towards the people of the village of Tokhar Al-Saghir, which is under the jurisdiction of the Military Council forces, so that the people can be arrested, but the Military Council forces took the initiative to respond and protect civilians from arrest.

Tension still prevails in the village

Media center of Manbij Military Council

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