fighter Farewell

Hundreds of people from the city of Manbeh and its countryside spread the body of the martyr Adel Jumaa Zarif to his final resting place, who was martyred while he fulfilled his duty to defend his city Manbij, while the Council of Families of the Martyrs announced the record of the martyr Ahmed Nasser Jaglan.
The procession of the funeral of the martyr Adel was launched from the front of the Euphrates Hospital in the city of Manbij, and the procession headed towards the shrine of the martyrs in the city.
The procession was received by the families of the martyrs and leaders of the Manbij Military Council and representatives of the civil administration and its institutions and committees.
In the shrine, ceremonies were held that began with a minute of silence and honor for the souls of the martyrs, coinciding with a military parade by fighters and fighters of the Manbij Military Council.
It was followed by a speech on behalf of the Military Council delivered by the leader Abdul Rahman Al-Banawi, in which he offered condolences to the families of the martyrs and said: “The city of Manbij is still the source of the martyrs and heroes, in my name and in the name of the General Command of the Manbij Military Council, we offer our condolences to ourselves and the families of the two martyrs Ahmed Nasser and Adel Zarif who were martyred while carrying out their duty to defend Their land and their families, for these martyrs have the immortal memory in our hearts, they are the ones who gave the most precious possessions they have in order to defend this country and its dignity, and they are the ones who put a smile on the faces of our children.
Al-Banawi concluded his speech by renewing the covenant of the martyrs and their families, by continuing the struggle and resistance and preserving the gains made thanks to the blood of the martyrs.
Followed by a speech on behalf of the Council of Families of the Martyrs, delivered by Hanadi Haj Muhammad, who said: “Today we stand, old and young men and women, standing in front of every clean blood drop that was asked from the arteries of martyrs who thanks to their struggle and sacrifices, they brought terrorism out of our country and achieved freedom and peace for our peoples.”
At the end of the words, the body of the martyr, Adel Al-Thara, was buried in his final resting place, in the midst of mourning and mourners chanting slogans that glorify the martyrs.
Media center of Manbij Military Council

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