A martyr in the city of Manbej

The people of the city of Manbij and the Manbij Military Council, with the participation of the civil administration and the institutions and committees affiliated to it, funeral of the martyr Khalil Mustafa Hamo, the fighter in the Manbij Military Council, who rose to the level of martyrdom while performing his national duty to defend his land and city.
Where the mourners gathered in front of the Euphrates Hospital to receive the body of the martyr, and the procession set out towards the shrine of the martyrs in the city of Manbij while chanting slogans that immortalize the martyrs.
Upon arrival, the ceremonies began to observe a minute of silence in honor of the souls of the martyrs, in conjunction with a military parade by fighters of the Manbij Military Council, followed by several speeches, including a word on the name of the Manbij Military Council, delivered by the leader Farid Sheikho, who offered condolences to the martyr’s families and said: “With great pride, today the city of Manbeh is proud The hero martyr Khalil Mustafa Hamo who narrated with his pure blood the dust of this homeland, in my name and in the name of the Manbij Military Council, we offer condolences to ourselves and the families of the martyr and bow to the great sacrifices of the martyrs, and from this holy place we renew the covenant to our martyrs and their families and the whole of our people that we are following in their footsteps and tell them you are alive and you are all life Rather, you who make from death a free and dignified life, and you are victory because victory is a tree that is only irrigated with pure blood. ”
Then I gave a speech in the name of the Council of Families of the Martyrs. It was delivered by al-Zahir al-Zahir, and she said: “Today we stand in honor and honor in front of the souls of the martyrs who have provided the most valuable property they have in order to protect the soil of this country. We, martyrs, will follow your path and approach, which has become a luminous torch that lights the path of freedom for the people. ”
In conclusion, the martyr’s comrades carried his coffin on their shoulders to stream his body, buried in his final resting place, amid the mourning and cheering of the martyrs.
Media center of Manbij Military Council