Two consecutive bombings in the city of Manbej

23 / 6/ 2020
Today, around ten in the morning, two successive bombings, by the terrorist cells of the Turkish Intelligence (dead), were carried out on the Istrad road, near Al-Shuhada roundabout, east of the city of Manbij. As a result, two civilians were wounded, and a member of the relief forces was also wounded. Immediately, a security cordon was set up by the relief forces and the internal security forces to prevent civilians from approaching and to avoid further casualties. After checking the location of the explosion, another mine was uncovered, as the Mine Engineering Task Force began dismantling it before exploding.
It is worth noting that these explosions came in conjunction with the targeting of the drone of the Turkish occupation of the inhabited village of Haling, which belongs to the city of Kobani

Media center of Manbij Military Council