A statement issued by the tribes’ leaders of Al- Shuyukh town regarding the return of the town’s people

November 2, 2020
The notable members and elders of the region and the Civil and Military Administrations have issued a joint statement regarding the return of Al-Shuyukh people to their homes and places as they vowed to adhere the following:

The people of Al-Shuyukh town and its surroundings will return to their homes and their situation will be regularised without prejudice to them. The decision excludes those whose hands are stained with blood.

“We, as tribes’ leaders of Al-Shuyukh district and its surroundings, guarantee the settlement of the situation of all persons of Al-Shuyukh area who are affiliated with factions outside the areas of the Syrian Democratic Forces. The settlement procedures will begin today 2/11/2020 to be ended at 22/11/2020.

“We are not responsible for anyone neglects this statement, bearing in mind that this statement is agreed upon by all the civil and military administrations and the notable members.”