Sefawiye Massacre corroborates Turkish state terror


In an interview SDF’s spokesperson Aram Hana said that the tur4kish state committed one of its crimes in the village of Sefwawiye of Ain Issa in continuation to its breaches and crimes against people in our region.

Offering condolences to relatives of victims ”we are in constant contact with the Russian forces and all effective parts in the Syrian issue, and many international associations to document all these breaches to be condemned and stopped immediately”, Hana said.

Everyone knows that Turkey has become a state- sponsored country adding that ”Turkish crimes have never stopped against people in NES, this is not a strange matter, it has become well known that it is the official sponsor for terrorism in Syria”.

In our operations that target ISIS mercenaries they confessed that they use Turkish territory as the main way into region.

Hana confirmed that Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF,. Will never allow to commit more massacres against people, ”we will assume protection of our people within the right to defence and protection. In the last onslaught our forces undertook every necessary measure to protect our people to me moved into more safe areas”.

”Via this latest escalation against NES Turkish occupation state tries to strike at stability in the region and deport those remaining at their homes, we confirm this is grave more specifically on Assyrian villages in Tal Tamr, we call on the international community to terminate these crimes”, Hana concluded.

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