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Manbij and its military council bid farewell to the martyr Ali al-Harun
MANBIJ – In a solemn funeral ceremony, the people of Manbij, with the participation of all military and civilian institutions, bid farewell to the body of martyr Ali al-Harun, a martyr in the Manbij Military Council, who died of a heart attack.
The mourners gathered in front of the Euphrates Hospital to receive the body of the martyr Ali al-Haroun, and then set off a funeral procession consisting of dozens of cars towards the shrine of martyrs, amid chanting slogans that glorify the martyrs.
At the shrine, the funeral ceremony was held, which began with a military parade by the fighters of the Manbej Military Council.
He was followed by several speeches, including the speech of the leader of the Manbij Military Council, Ibrahim Al-Hamdan, who spoke on behalf of the General Command of the Manbij Military Council and offered condolences to all the comrades of the martyr Ali al-Harun and his relatives, and said: “We comfort ourselves and the comrades of the martyr and his family. He performs his duty of struggle until the last day of his life, and the battlefields are witnessing the extent of his tournaments to liberate his land and his people from the clutches of terrorism, and today we can only renew to him and all our martyrs the Covenant to continue the struggle and defend all the gains achieved by their struggle and sacrifices, and to address all the threats that Threatened the security and stability of our land and our people. ”
At the end of the ceremony, the martyr’s comrades carried his coffin on the shoulders shouting slogans commemorating the martyrs, after which his body would be buried in his final resting place in the shrine of the martyrs.
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