The Outcome Of Combat Operations Within 24 Hours

Ras Al Ain

The Turkish invasion army and the terrorist factions loyal to it launched a ground attack with artillery and air support on the villages of Al-Managir, Al-Asadia, Leylan and Birnouh south of Ras Al-Ain city outside the ceasefire area. Our forces responded to this invasion as part of their right to self-defense and violent clashes erupted.
These clashes resulted in the death of at least 10 mercenaries and the wounding of others.
Amouda / Darbasyia
The Turkish invasion army tried to advance towards the village of Dardara, and our forces confronted them and responded to their heels without checking the casualties among the enemy.
Kobani / Ain Issa
The Turkish invasion army and terrorist groups loyal to it continued their attacks on the villages of Kobani, Tall Abyad and Ain Issa in flagrant violation of the ceasefire decision
The villages (Jalba, Debs, Khirbet Faria) north of Ain Issa were bombed and ground attacked, and Afduki village was subjected to aerial and artillery shelling.
Villages (Jalbha, Debs, Khirbet Faraya) north of ‘Ein Issa were shelled and ground attacked.
These villages outside the ceasefire area are populated, however, the Turkish invasion army targeted them with heavy weapons, and tried to advance towards them. The other is damaged.
The outcome of the clashes during the last 24 hours resulted in the killing of 29 mercenaries and the injury of several others. Our forces also destroyed 4 military vehicles and damaged a fifth.
As a result of this resistance, one of our fighters rose to martyrdom and (11) wounded.

SDF. Media Center

26 October 2019