On the 37th day .. Shelling on Assyrian villages of Tel Tamr

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries yesterday shelled the village of Tal Tawil belonging to Tal Tamr with tanks, heavy artillery and rockets. As strong clashes took place in the vicinity of the villages of “Daudiaya, Arisha”, and hamlets of Iisha and Gabro, after the fighters of the Syriac Military Council to the attacks of the Turkish occupation army, while the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continued to bombard the area and archaeological sites.

Last night, 15 mercenaries were killed and several others were injured in a blast at Serêkaniyê customs center, which is being taken by Sultan Murad mercenaries.

As usual, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries began to steal and loot the property of the people in the countryside of Tal Tamr, in Al-Jazeera regin.

SDF: Turkish occupation and mercenaries intensify attacks on Assyrian villages

The SDF said in a statement yesterday that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries intensified their attacks on the Assyrian areas north of Tal Tamr, and targeted civilians directly, and SDF stressed that four of its fighters in addition to other fighters of the Syriac Military Council martyred while confronting the occupation and its mercenaries.

A joint patrol exit in Ad-Derbasiyah and regime forces is deploying on the border of Deirk

A joint Russian-Turkish patrol was launched yesterday morning in the western countryside of Ad-Darbasiyah. Meanwhile, Syrian regime forces deployed in several border villages in the Deirk and Girkê Legê regions, according to previous agreement between the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria and the Syrian regime.

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