Final Statement Of The Regular Meeting Of SDF Military Council

The Military Council held its regular meeting on Wednesday, January 15, this year, with the majority of its members present. The meeting assessed the overall current situation and the repercussions of the Turkish invasion, and future programs and plans for the forces were drawn up.
The meeting discussed the completion of the implementation of the program for the restructuring of the military forces in organizational terms, and evaluated the role of local military councils and the positive level reached.
The meeting focused on the necessity of developing the military forces, both in number and type, by increasing the number, equipment and munitions, as well as through specific specialized training courses in all fields, to raise the level of combat readiness of the forces in proportion to the roles assigned to them at this stage.

The meeting also stressed the importance and necessity of a political solution through negotiations with all parties concerned, within the framework of recognizing the existing self-management in northern and eastern Syria, and maintaining the privacy of the SDF within the future Syrian defense and security system.
The meeting discussed the Sochi Agreement, which was held with the guarantee of the Russian Federation on October 22, and stressed the commitment of our forces to implement the agreement and its terms on the ground, while the Turkish state did not fulfill what was stated in the agreement, and continues to violate its provisions deliberately and systematically, which threatens the security of the integrity of the entire region, and the last thing she did was to send a drone (Drone) plane to carry out a remote assassination operation in Tarbasiya area on January 12, which resulted in the death of two internal security forces and the injury of others.

The meeting also discussed the ceasefire agreement last October 17 between Turkey and the United States of America, The meeting stressed that Turkey does not adhere to the terms of the agreement despite our forces ’commitment to it, and that the Turkish state is still in the process of applying demographic change and ethnic cleansing policies, in addition to continuing daily crimes for the right of the remaining citizens in the occupied areas, the seizure of their property, the systematic settlement of strangers in their homes, not allowing the return of IDPs to return, and exercising a policy of intimidation against them through their armed factions.
The meeting of the guarantors of the two agreements on the necessity of obligating Turkey to implement the agreement fully, and bearing the legal responsibility incumbent on them and putting an end to these inhuman crimes.

The meeting also highlighted in particular the terrible and frightening humanitarian conditions in the cities of Idlib and Afrin, and the meeting confirmed that what happened in them is the result of the policies of the Turkish state and its interference in the affairs of the Syrians and the heinous trade in their blood in their own homes. Their humanitarian needs through their contact with the SDF factions operating in the area.

The meeting dealt with coordination and follow-up operations with the international coalition forces to fight ISIS and the need to continue efforts to inflict a final and sustainable defeat on this terrorist organization and prevent it from being able to return.

The meeting also dealt with the continuous coordination processes with the Russian army forces operating in Syria and their deployment in accordance with the Sochi Agreement for the security and stability it achieves in the region and stressed the need for the continuation of this coordination and cooperation.
In the end, the meeting stressed the ability of the SDF to shoulder its historical responsibilities, and its commitment to defend the interests of all components of the region and achieve its just hopes
Thursday, January 16, 2020.

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