Tishreen Dam Administration: allegations about increasing level of Euphrates River are untrue


This came in a statement made by the administrator of the Rojava Dam “Tishreen” Jihad Bayram, to Hawar News Agency on Thursday, as the water level of the Euphrates River continued to drop to unprecedented levels.

Bayram confirmed that the Turkish state is still withholding Syria’s share of the Euphrates River since January 27 of this year, while it pumps very small quantities of no more than 200 cubic meters per second.

Turkey ignores the agreement concluded with Syria and Iraq in 1987, which stipulates pumping the Euphrates water into the Syrian lands at an amount of 500 cubic meters per second, while the Iraqi lands get 60% of that amount.

Bayram explained that the dam completely stops working for 16 hours a day, while it works only 8 hours to provide electricity to several areas for a few hours.

Bayram added that the dam administration will officially announce to the public opinion any change that may occur to the river’s water level in the Syrian lands, stressing that “some media websites mislead the public opinion to cover up the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the Turkish state by confining water from Syria.”

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