Notables of Tabqa clans condemn sabotage acts against Autonomous Administration in Manbij


The dignitaries and notables of Al-Ashar in Tabqa area delivered a statement regarding the recent events that took place in the city of Manbij, which was read by the Sheikh of the Sukhna clan, Fawaz Al-Baik, and the text of the statement stated the following:

“The events taking place in the city of Manbij, including armed attacks and systematic sabotage of military and civil institutions, and the declaration of peace in the face of the internal security forces and military forces, aims to stir up sedition in the region.”

The statement added: “The attack on security, safety and stability in the city of Manbij, under the pretext of self-defense, there are the relevant authorities and councils working to amend laws, but these acts of sabotage are linked to foreign agendas in one word, because we in the north and east of Syria do not carry these morals or these actions.”

The statement condemned: “We, as tribal elders and dignitaries, condemn these sabotage acts against the administration in Manbij and do not accept any statement that incites sabotage and stirs up sedition and sectarian strife in the region.”

At the end of the statement, the statement affirmed: “We, the sheikhs of the tribes, will stand united with the Syrian Democratic Forces and our Autonomous Administration, and we will continue to fight until the occupier is expelled from our lands.”

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