Al-Ali clan sheikh: Foes try to strike the social fabric in the area


Al-Ali clan sheikh: Foes try to strike the social fabric in the area

AANES has achieved prosperity, after liberating SDF the areas in NE, Syria, making them vulnerable to targeting by several parties, seeking to destabilize security and stability by moving their cells, trying to sow sectarian and ethnic discord.

Some parties sought to exploit the protests in Shaddadi District, and tried again to exploit the recent events in the city of Manbij, but their plans failed as a result of the solidarity of the clans and the leadership in Manbij.

Hawar news agency ANHA interviewed with Sheikh of Al-Ali clan, who talked about the threats facing the region and the importance of the Self-Defence duty in maintaining the gains of Autonomous Administration, adding” what happened in Manbij is the result of the success of the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces.”

Al-Rahhal continued, “There are many means of targeting by the Turkish occupier, from cutting off the water of the Euphrates River and incursions into and occupying Syrian territory, and implementing policies of demographic change, but it is not the only enemy we face in north and east Syria, there is the greedy Syrian regime in the region, as a result of the stability it witnessed, as well as the terrorist organization ISIS/ Daesh, which was defeated by the Syrian Democratic Forces, but its cells are still active in our region.

Ramadan Al- Rahal asserted that “there is no difference between Kurdish, Arab, Syriac or Circassian in north and east Syria. We are Syrians, and from Syria we fought ISIS/ Daesh to liberate our land.”

He continued by saying “everything that happened in Manbij was linked to external parties, which tried to exploit the people to destabilize the region, but failed because of the solidarity of the people, the Syrian Democratic Forces and Autonomous Administration.”

Ramadan Al-Rahal stressed that “the duty of Self-Defence is sacred, this lands is ours, so it is our duty to protect it.”

In conclusion, he said, “We must protect what we have gained in north and east Syria and defend our project in our region, thousands of martyrs sacrificed themselves for sake AA’s project, and we will remain faithful their blood.”

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