Mazloum Abdi: Solidarity is cornerstone to defeat occupation


During the forum in its first axis, the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces participated in a televised speech, saluting at the beginning of his speech the resistance of Serekaniye people who defended their city in 2012 too, and were among the participants in the fight against ISIS mercenaries. He also commemorated the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of protecting the region and its people and defending the revolution’s gains.

During his speech, Abdi noted, “Serekaniye people have passed many exams and passed through difficult stages, and we are confident that the people of the region with our forces’ help will be able once again to return to their homes.”

Abdi made clear that there are no elements that help the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries to stay for a longer period in the areas they occupied since the region and its people are all against them, and their stay in the region is linked to the work of the Syrian Democratic Forces and to strengthening their military ability to restore the area with the support of the region’s people and the steadfastness of its displaced.

He pointed out during his speech that “the solidarity between the displaced people of the region and its people, their organization of themselves and their insistence on getting back to their areas and working to form a ground for restoring those lands again are the cornerstone for defeating occupation.”

Abdi stressed their confidence in the forum’s results to be positive, and said, “As the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Autonomous Administration, we will implement the outcomes of the forum according to our capabilities, and it will be a ground for the return of the displaced to their land, restoring their property, and defeating the invaders.”

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