Manbaj Military Council holds its monthly periodic meeting in the city of Manbaj

 The Manbaj Military Council today held its monthly periodic meeting. Before the start of the meeting and in the presence of all the leaders of the Council of Manbj military, was a minute of silence on the lives of martyrs. In the beginning, the political situation within the region was assessed internationally and regionally. What should be done about the developments that are taking place on a large scale, especially after the liberation of the Deir Ez-Zour countryside from the terrorist organization, In order to bring peace to peace.
The organizational situation in the offices, institutions and regiments of the Manbaj Military Council and the mechanism of action in order to maintain the implementation of the decisions taken regarding the organization of the military forces, the development of the competencies of the fighters through training of all kinds, And take precautions and measures at home and on the front lines. In this regard, we have stopped the mistakes and problems that emerged during the completion of tasks and work and develop solutions to them. In addition to taking a number of decisions and suggestions on strengthening the structure of the organization and enhance security and safety in all forms inside and outside the city.

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