The Outcome Of Combat Operations Within 24 Hours

SDF: 61 mercenaries killed, 22 wounded in the last 24 hours.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces issued a written statement to the public that revealed the outcome of the hostilities during the past 24 hours.

The statement read:


The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions attacked the village of Mahmudiya. Our forces and within the legitimate right of defense repelled the attacks, which resulted in taking place clashes between our forces and mercenaries. Clashes also erupted in the villages of Kanhar, Hajjaj, Darbou and al-Sibyat. During our response to the attacks, 57 mercenaries were killed and 22 wounded, and 4 military vehicles, 3 armored vehicles and a motorcycle were destroyed. After defeating the invasion army and its mercenaries, they attacked the area with drones and bombarded them with artillery.

Zarkan / Abu Rassin

The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions wanted to attack the villages of Khadr Afi, Tel Harmal and the area between Khirbet Jammu and Aniq al Hawa, and sent a large number of mercenaries. Our forces responded directly to the attacks and dispersed mercenary concentrations, so they left their vehicles behind them and fled.

Ain Issa and Kobani

The Turkish invasion army and terrorist groups loyal to it bombed the village of Um Baramil. In response to the attack, our forces conducted a qualitative operation against the mercenary gathering in the villages of Shirrak and Marawda, killing four of them, and destroying a vehicle. Due to the losses of the invasion army, it shelled the area with artillery and tanks.

Our forces were able to kill more than 61 mercenaries and wound 22 others, and destroyed 5 military vehicles, 3 armored armored vehicles and another motorcycle.

In this heroic resistance, eight of our fighters rose to martyrdom rank and 11 were wounded.

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