On the 29th day … Intensive attacks on GIRÊ SPî countryside, Arab clans stressed that its support of Resistance of Dignity

On the 29th consecutive day of the attacks and the Turkish invasion of northern and eastern Syria, the attacks of the occupation and mercenaries did not stop, while the local and international reactions against this invasion and the support of the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces increased.

Violent attacks on the countryside of GIRÊ SPî and SDF repelled

Last night, warplanes and drones of the Turkish occupation army hovered in the outskirt of Ain Issa district, coinciding with the sound of huge explosions.

After cleaning up the Syrian Democratic Forces and Tel-Abyed Military Council on Tuesday, the village of Kantari, Bir Issa and al-Masoudiya from the mercenaries, while the Turkish army and its mercenaries from Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS resumed last night the attack on those villages.

While SDF confronted the attacks of the Turkish occupation army yesterday in the countryside of Tal Abyad, SDF fighters also cleared Khufta Khalaf soils from the mercenaries, and 11 mercenaries were killed and six others were injured.

One of the Syrian regime element killed and wounded another, during the Turkish army and its mercenaries launched attacks on the village of Halko belonging to GIRÊ SPî/ Tel-Abyed.

SDF announces the killing of 27 mercenaries, and the resumption of joint action with the coalition against ISIS

The Commander-in- Chief of the SDF, Mazloum Abdi, said the SDF is resuming its joint work program with the coalition to fight ISIS.

In the outcome of the fighting yesterday, the SDF said that 27 mercenaries were killed and a tank was destroyed and a BMB vehicle was damaged during the clashes in the areas of Serêkaniyê, Tel-Tamr and Ain Issa during the past 24 hours.

AA demands to form Investigate Committee on the use of prohibited weapons

The Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria demanded to form committee to investigate the facts of the use of internationally prohibited weapons, and the need for neutrality and follow-up investigation of violations of Turkey, all relevant institutions and organizations, particularly the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical and Biological Weapons (OPCW), had to express their positions and to investigate the facts in the light of the availability of in-kind evidence by the Department.

The tribes of northern and eastern Syria confirm their support to the “Resistance of Dignity”

The tribal elders in Manbej, Tabqa and al-Shuaitat clan in Deir ez-Zor confirmed their support for the SDF and their steadfast position in supporting the Resistance of “Dignity against” the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, stressing that they will not accept a new Ottoman and ISIS occupation of their areas.