SDF: Widespread attacks on Tel Tamr, Ain Issa countryside

The Media Center of SDF issued a statement to the public opinion, disclosing the outcome of the combat operations during the last 24 hours on the 37th day of the Turkish invasion.

The statement included:

“The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue their attacks along the front lines. They are targeting the populated villages as they attempt to expand their occupation on the area using drones and shelling with all kinds of heavy weapons as well.

Tel Tamr

As part of the attempts of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries to occupy the villages of al-Dawoudia and Arisha in the countryside of Tel Tamr, they launched violent attacks with drones and shelled with heavy weapons the two villages, while the populated villages were attacked by large numbers of mercenaries and under the cover of the aircraft. Thus, violent clashes broke out between the Syriac Military Council Forces and the Turkish Occupation Army and its mercenaries. Furthermore, in the response to those attacks, a group of SDF fighters were martyred and others were wounded.

The Turkish occupation aircrafts have launched attacks on Arisha village and the civilian areas. Furthermore, similar attacks with aircrafts, tanks and artillery were launched on the villages of Abush and al-Dawoudiya in Tel Tamr countryside.

Ain Issa

Furthermore, in order to expand their occupation areas, the Turkish occupation has launched violent attacks using drones, tanks and artillery on the villages of Ain Issa and villages near the M4 international road, during which the mercenaries have tried to empty these villages of their inhabitants, occupy villages, bring their families and loyalists from different parts of Syria and resettle them in those villages.

During the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on the front lines where the Syriac Military Council were stationed, and the areas outside the agreements, two of our fighters were martyred and six were injured.

SDF Media Center

15 November. 2019”

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