The Outcome Of Combat Operations Within 24 Hours

The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions continue their invading movements, as terrorist factions have escalated their attacks in order to occupy other new areas.
Abu Rasine
The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions attacked with heavy weapons the residential areas of the villages of Aunk al-Hawa and Abd al-Hay, wanting to occupy other areas as the drones continued to fly over the skies.
Tal Tamer
The Turkish occupation army heavily shelled the villages of Munakh, Um al-Kef and Tal Taweel in conjunction with the flight of the drones.
Ain Isa
Despite the joint patrol of Turkish invasion army and Russian troops in the Shurkrak silos, the Turkish occupation army, with several mercenaries, tanks, cannons and heavy weapons occupied the Sherrak wheat silos.

In this invading attack by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, weapons, drones, missiles and tanks, two of our fighters was wounded.

SDF Media Center
November 19, 2019