Arrest of a group that smuggles ISIS mercenaries and their families to Turkey

According to the information center of the Manbej Military Council, the Anti-Terrorist Unit managed to arrest and capture a number of members of a cell tasked with smuggling ISIS mercenaries from the Hul camp and transporting them to Turkey or to the areas occupied by the Turkish army and its mercenaries.

According to the media center, members of the cell were arrested while attempting to smuggle six ISIS women and another element who was wounded during his fight with ISIS mercenaries in Deir Ezzor, from the Houl camp and deliver them to areas occupied by the Turkish army and his mercenaries.

According to the confessions of the elements of the cell, called “Abu Naji,” a leader in the Ahrar al-Sham mercenaries in the logic of the so-called “Euphrates Shield” has formed the cell by Turkish orders, and its mission is to smuggle ISIS members and their families to areas controlled by the Turkish occupation.

It was also found during the investigations that the elements of ISIS, who are currently fighting within the ranks of the Turkish occupation mercenaries, are trying to smuggle their families from the Hul camp and get them to the areas occupied by the Turkish army and mercenaries.

The so-called “Abu Naji” is accused of carrying out several bombings in the cities of Manbij and Hasaka, which resulted in the death of dozens of civilians.