For the second festival of art and literature for women in Manbij

February 25, 2020

In the presence of leaders from the Manbij Military Council and hundreds of people from the city of Manbij and representatives of civil and military institutions, the activities of the second Art and Literature Festival for Women in Manbij, which was launched under the slogan of “the art and culture of women expressing their civilization”, concluded today after presenting various presentations and activities presented by participating teams From Manbij, Kobani, Tabqa, and Raqqa.
The activities of the Women’s Art and Literature Festival started on its second day, which was organized by the Culture and Art Center in Manbej and in coordination with the Culture and Art Committee, with a minute of silence, in the building of culture and art in the east of the city. Then, we will present two films on the prominent role of women in all areas of life in northern and eastern Syria. .
It was followed by the presentation of several poetic and anecdotal passages on “childhood”, and the Durrat Al Furat band presented a lyrical paragraph of the Euphrates heritage, and the Al-Raqqa Theater Ensemble presented a theatrical performance entitled “The Larache of Conquest”, which talked about several issues such as the current situation in Syria.
The Amal group of the folklore network from the city of Tabqa presented several networks representing the culture of all regions of Syria and its components.
For its part, the Circassian Society troupe presented a dance paragraph from the Circassian culture, in addition to the performance of the martyr Khabour’s team coming from the village of Belk in the Kobani province, a comedy play entitled “My Family”. As for the Amara band in its participation, it presented a lyric paragraph of folklore, in Arabic, Turkmen and Kurdish. It was followed by reciting poems recited by many women poets of Manbij.
The events also included an exhibition of handicrafts, drawings of women, and ancient relics of all components in Manbej city, which were opened to the audience who wandered around.
The festival activities were concluded by honoring the Culture and Art Committee in Manbij, all the participants in the festival

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