An elderly woman was injured in the Turkish bombing

February 25, 2020

More than 10 shells landed on a large Kharovia village that was fired by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, while the villages of Dandaniyah, Arab Hassan Saghir, Aoun al-Dadat and Al-Rafeea were also shelled with heavy weapons.
Today, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries target a large village of Al-Kharoufiyah from the Turkish base in the village of Al-Yashli, north of the city of Manbej, which is about 37 km away from Al-Kharoufiya.
The shelling of the village injured a 76-year-old woman with internal bleeding, dislocated shoulder and three broken ribs, and was subsequently transferred to Manbej Hospital for treatment.
While the bombing of the aforementioned villages resulted in damage to the property of the people and agricultural crops.