The Military Council of Women of the Euphrates region holds its regular monthly meeting

The Military Council of Women of the Euphrates region holds its regular monthly meetin

March 3, 2020

In the presence of the Military Council for Women in the city of Manbej and its countryside, the Military Council of the Euphrates region held its monthly meeting. As the meeting started with a minute of silence in honor of the souls of the martyrs, and with the appointment of the Office of the meeting, several issues were placed on the table and evaluated.
At the beginning of the meeting, the political situation that lived in the region as a whole was evaluated, and what is related to the next stage and what is the main dilemma for which solutions must be found. Where it was concluded after intense discussion that the war taking place in Syria coinciding with the Turkish occupation of several regions of Syria is the result of several international bargaining and the tacit agreement, whether it is for all the territories occupied by Turkey and most recently Idlib, or for the people who become the victim of these bargains. It was also made clear through opinions that one of the most important roles to be played is to carry out all the duties of protecting our people who are subject to genocide as a result of these policies.
Regarding the activities and activities of the Military Women’s Council for the Euphrates region, the discussion took place about the organizational mechanism of military institutions and offices, the role of women in developing their business, and the activities and activities they carried out in all regions of the North and Northeast of Syria. In this context, and by clarifying several issues and the obstacles that arose during this month, many opinions, proposals, and solutions were put forward, and then a number of decisions were reached to develop work and training and activate the role of women in all fields.
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