Fighter from Manbij

War and injustice forced him to flee from Homs … to join the Manbij Military Council in defense of his land and his people
The ongoing war in Syria forced him to leave school and move from his hometown “Homs” towards northern and eastern Syria, and the material conditions forced him to work at an early age to help his family, and after several years he initiated to join the Manbij Military Council to participate in the removal of injustice from his homeland and his family.
He is the fighter Zia Ibrahim, born in the Syrian city of Homs in 1995. Zia was in the ninth grade when the Syrian revolution began. His dream was to live in a free homeland and complete his studies and draw in his mind a bright future for him and his family, but with the control of the Free Army and after that several armed organizations moved to his city Homs Something upside down, and his dreams shattered because these armed groups closed the schools and made them their military headquarters, in addition to the increase in kidnappings, killings and looting, so that no one believed in his life and the families no longer sent their children to the remaining schools.
After leaving school and narrowing the financial condition on them as a result of these conditions, Zia went to work to help his family, and he worked in wholesale stores selling food.
But after a while, his city witnessed fierce wars and shelling with planes and all kinds of weapons, and the danger came to them from every direction. His family decided to leave Homs and go to the city of Raqqa, which was then in the hands of the Free Army, but was not witnessing any battles. The ISIS terrorist group, Raqqa, and new chapters of injustice against the people began there. In this regard, Zia says: “We used to see injustice every day and people were living in despair and terror, and we avoided dealing with ISIS, but nevertheless, no one was spared from their injustice, their violations, and spreading terror through murder, crucifixion, and executions in the streets and public squares.”
Zia and his family were forced to stay in Al-Raqqa until the SDF and the forces of Manbij Military Council launched the campaign to liberate the region from ISIS, and then Diya was closely watching on television the course of the liberation of Manbij and saw how people were emancipated and rejoiced at the freedom and salvation of ISIS, which sparked his enthusiasm To participate in the liberation of his family and country, and accordingly, Diaa started trying to escape from Raqqa and head to Manbej, and he encountered many difficulties and dangers because ISIS was preventing the people from leaving the city to use human shields in their battles with the SDF, but Diaa did not despair and lost trying until he finally managed to Exit And to reach the liberated areas, including he went to Manbij and joined the Manbij Military Council in 2017.
After that, Zia joined several military and intellectual training courses in the academies that were opened by the Manbej Military Council, after which he became a fighter defending his land and protecting his family from all the dangers facing them.
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