Press Release

On Sunday, March 29th, 2020, a mutiny took place in a prison where ISIS terrorists are detained in the city of Hasaka. ISIS terrorists managed to sabotage and remove the internal doors of the cells, create holes in the dormitory walls, and control the ground floor of the prison.
On this basis, the SDF anti-terror forces interfered directly, ended the ongoing disobedience, and secured the center and all the detainees inside it.
We confirm that there are no escape incidents of the detainees, and that the situation in the detention center is completely under control.
These incidents once again confirm the ability of the SDF to secure ISIS terrorists, but also shows the need for more support from the international community and the international coalition against ISIS, in order to provide maximum protection to detention centers and camps that contain ISIS terrorists and their family members.

Kino Gabriel
Official spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces

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