The Women’s Council organizes a lecture on the role of women in security and safety

With the aim of explaining the latest political and economic developments in the region and defining the role of women and their effects in organizing and managing society, the Military Women Council held a meeting today in the city of Manbej, attended by dozens of women in Manbej.
The meeting started with a minute of silence and honor for the souls of the martyrs, after which the leadership of the Military Women’s Council Vian Manbij spoke, which focused initially on the role of women in the military field and their defense of the land, the people and the soul, and said: “The combat woman is a free woman above all, And you see its militant role in this context, as an implicit matter, as men and women are essential parts of society and they create it, and it is known that the main part is women; because it is they who give birth to the other half, and women are aware of their social duty in society and its construction and have the duty to defend and protect it.
“As a result, their ideology is the same in order to build a democratic nation and protect the values ​​of all peoples on this geography, but women have their independent characteristic and their bearing is heavier compared to men, and the struggle of women continues to inevitably illuminate their path. But on the other hand, men must also seek salvation from the narrow male cochlear Autocratic and culturally authoritarian.
Vian noted that the protection units of women and fighting women in general had a great role in fighting ISIS, noting that in the campaign to liberate the city of Manbij, for example, the fighting women participated in large numbers of “their fighters and leaders”, and they played a great role in the campaign victory and the liberation of civilians in general and women in particular.
As for the role of women in the political sphere and the economic support of society, Vian pointed out that due to the policies of the ruling regimes in building ignorant and backward societies and opened the way for them to school dropout, economic austerity, underage marriage and many methods, abnormal societal phenomena prevailed in our societies, except that during the North and East Revolution Syria, and the formation of democratic and civil self-management in it and the establishment of bodies and institutions for women within it has been able to enact laws to reduce the marriage of minors, child labor and school dropout for girls and opened the way for many of them to work to improve their living conditions.
She noted that, with regard to the laws and legislations approved by the women’s self-administration, the “Women Protection” Law was issued, which stipulated “combating reactionary authoritarian mentality in society” and making it a duty for everyone in the areas of administration.
The law also approved “equality between men and women”, granting them the right to run for office, to stand for office, and to hold all positions, in addition to entrenching “joint presidencies” for all self-management institutions, in addition to the presence of female representatives in the Legislative Council when discussing the enactment of any legislation or law, whether political or social.
The law itself was concerned with details related to organizing the social life of women, as it emphasized the equality between men and women in salaries and educational certificates, as well as prohibiting “marriage of minors”.
Vian said at the end of the lecture: “There is no doubt that women have enjoyed their rights under democratic self-administration, those rights that have always been a dream that they sought to achieve through struggle and hard work, and women in northern and eastern Syria have proven that they are able to establish themselves in all areas of life This gave her an ideal figure to become a model for all women in the Middle East and the world. ”
At the end of the meeting, the meeting was opened for discussion on the topics discussed and explained in detail by the meeting.
Media center of Manbij Military Council

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